Carbon Steel Pans. Removable Handles. Pro-level performance. Easy to Clean.

GOSO Cookware's Everywhere Pans are premium quality, compact carbon steel cookware designed for wherever your adventure takes you!This is the New Standard for Outdoor Cookware.


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Non-Stick Seasoning, Naturally

You can make amazing meals and simplify your clean up the pan’s robust natural non-stick seasoning.BUT, you don't have to poison yourself with toxic non-stick coatings any longer!You'll love how easy to maintain the non-stick seasoning is. With a little vegetable oil and heat, you'll have a lifetime of performance and GREAT MEALS with friends!

Go Everywhere

Don't Lose Your Cool and Save Space.

Unlike other high-end cookware, our proprietary handle is completely removable .Keep your hands cool while you cook your favourite meals. The removable handle gives you the versatility to cook over a fire, camp stove or in an oven.You can store the whole system in a compact footprint with GOSO’s nesting pan design.Finally, you've got professional quality cookware everywhere you go!

Cook Everywhere

Gas, Fire or Induction. Cook Anywhere.

Whether you sear a steak or gently fry an egg, these pans will not limit what your next great meal is.Cooking with Gas, Fire, Induction or any other heat source. Create memories together and connect over a good meal!

Built Forever

Premium Carbon Steel Pans.

Made in USA, 14 ga Carbon Steel pans are the perfect balance between pro-level performance and life-long durability, helping you cook almost anything you like, anywhere you like.Lighter than cast iron, tougher than aluminum, they are robust enough for any adventure.This new standard in camp cookware will last you a lifetime.

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